«Dear applicants, parents! Choosing a profession in everyone’s life is an important and responsible decision. Do not forget that today working skills is most in demand on the labor market. Our vocational school offers the possibility of interesting modern high-paying professions. And no matter what you choose, we will always be glad to see you.» Dovgaluk Oleg Ivanovich, director


Agent insurance

The sphere of professional activity of the insurance agent are insurance companies, insurance market.

Insurance agent — an official representative of an insurance company, performing operations on the conclusion of agreements of property and personal insurance for individuals and legal entities.

The assembler of REEaD

The assembler of radio-electronic equipment and devices performs assembling of various radio devices, units, mechanisms and devices of electronic equipment and household appliances; checks the quality of the installation; fixes troubleshooting ; conducts routine tests mounted equipment; performs laying wires, soldering and assembling of radio components, in accordance with electrical diagrams.

The operator of computer graphics

The operator of computer graphics works in the system of consumer services.

Prepares equipment, loads the operating system, selects the software to do graphic work on the PC. Scans images on transparent and opaque media storages , a printed image on paper or other media storages. Designing calendars, postcards, etc. using pictures of the client.

Performs image correction, editing, retouching. Eliminates damage and restores the image. Elaborates on the PC brochures, badges, labels, etc.

Computer operator

The sphere of professional activity of the operator of the computer are computing centers, departments, agencies and organizations that use in the professional activity of the computing equipment, office equipment. Computer operator creates and processes textual and tabular information, enters information into a computer from media storages, performs works on installation of the application software, installs the software drivers, works on local networks and the Internet.

The important point in the work of a computer operator is the use of local and global computer network for searching and processing information.

Locksmith of machine-assembling works

Locksmith of machine-assembling works assembles the separate parts of machines, motors, turbines, cars. Using manual and mechanized assembling tools performs the operation for fitting, connection, mounting, repairing and adjustment of products. On special stands tests assembled components and machines, eliminates defects.

Locksmith of equipment repairing for thermal networks

The locksmith of equipment repairing for thermal networks works at the enterprises of thermal networks. Produces the crawl tracks of heat pipes, prevents inundation. Serves and repairs shut-off and control valve, metal ware , compensators. Participates in the overhaul of thermal networks. Provides their start-up, adjustment and control of the operation mode.

Locksmith-repairer of household appliances

Repairer of household appliances works at the enterprises of various sectors of the national economy. Makes disassembly, repair, assembly and testing assembly units and mechanisms of the equipment and machines; repairs various home appliances.

Fitter of REEaD

Fitter of electronic equipment and devices makes assembly and mechanical adjustment of TVs, DVDs, music players, media players; customizes items; tests assembled mechanisms; eliminates discrepancies in the work; checks parts of assembled products using instrumentation and tools.

Locksmith-electrician on repairing of electrical equipment

Locksmith-electrician on repairing of electrical equipment works at the enterprises of various sectors of the national economy. makes disassembly, repair, assembly, testing and adjustment of electrical machines and appliances.


The photographer works in the system of consumer services.

Photographer makes photo shooting of single portraits, small groups, children in the pavilion and outside the pavilion; flat and bulky originals in black and white, macro shooting in stationary conditions. Performs negative retouching and print, checks the hardware and optics. Makes photo shooting of architecture, interiors, industrial processes, multicolored flat and bulky originals. Performs culling photos and negatives in accordance with the technical requirements.

Construction electrician of electrical equipment and lighting networks

Construction electrician of electrical equipment works in construction organizations. Performs assembling of lighting and power equipment in the construction of buildings and structures, maintenance and repairing of electric networks and equipment.

Electrician FAS

The main task of the electrician fire alarm systems — installation, assembling, adjustment and repairing of equipment and devices for fire alarm systems. Also electrician performs maintenance of control-receiving devices and sensors, checking of central monitoring consoles.



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